Compensated Ernie Ball Music Man Guitar Nut Blank

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This part is not intended for Sterling by Music Man instruments. If you need a replacement part for a Sterling by Music Man instrument, visit their parts website:

Compensated nut blank for the Axis Super Sport, Silhouette, Silhouette Special, Steve Morse, Luke, Albert Lee, Cutlass, StingRay, Valentine, St. Vincent, Dustin Kensrue, Stephen Egerton, Hunter Hayes & Reflex Guitar models made after 2005. 

*NOTE* The string slots will need to be further filed to the appropriate width and depth of the preferred string gauge and playing style once it's installed on the neck. Compensated nuts were introduced in 2005, they will not fit on a standard nut shelf. The compensated nut will not fit on models equiped with the Floyd Rose bridge.

This is only designed for Ernie Ball Music Man instruments that originally came with this nut. It is not recommended to install this on any other guitar brand model as we do not have the experience with that to be able to provide support or guidance. 

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