Schaller Locking Tuner for Low B, E, A, D, or G Strings

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This part is not intended for Sterling by Music Man instruments. If you need a replacement part for a Sterling by Music Man instrument, visit their parts website:

Low B, E, A, D, or G string Schaller locking chrome tuner (with chrome or pearl button) for right handed Ernie Ball Music Man guitar models that originally came with Schaller locking tuners.

Note: Schaller changed the design slightly in 2020 to have a smaller locking wheel on back with removable lock pin. The button is the same size, so appearance is the same as pre-2020 Schaller locking tuners from the front of the headstock (the locking wheel on the back will look different from a pre-2020 Schaller locking tuner). These are a direct replacement of pre-2020 Schaller locking tuners with no modification needed.